Commercial Shredding in Fort Collins, Repair of shredders

Shredder is Effective protection of confidential information

The main purpose of the paper shredder is to shred documents and other materials by the specified manufacturer, down to the smallest elements. "Schroeder" comes from the English. "To shred" - which literally translates as "shredding". In the sense of the word, a paper shredder is a versatile equipment, the defining purpose of which is to prevent the leakage of, particularly important information.

The reason for the leakage of information may be the rough materials left unattended or thrown out in a crumpled form, copies of the official, accounting documents, and any other information that, falling into the wrong hands, can serve as a source of unpleasant consequences. Basically, all shredders are only aimed at shredding paper. However, there are copies that can recycle paper along with staples (staplers) and paper clips, cardboard, plastic covers, plastic cards, floppy disks, and CDs.

Shredders are distinguished according to the area of ​​application, the level of secrecy, and the method of cutting. Shred Monster offers professional paper Fort Collins shredding services in Colorado and cities such as Windsor, Loveland, Greeley, and more.


Features and causes of shredder malfunction

Most often, shredders (paper shredders) fall into the repair, which was assigned tasks that do not meet the operating standards declared by the manufacturer. Simply put, the repair of shredders may be required if the conditions are violated: grind objects that are not standard for work (too hard, metal), submit documents to it faster than the device managed to process them, push paper thicker than the through-hole. It is worth noting that these ways to break this device are more than enough. Here are the main symptoms that can signal that a shredder diagnosis is required:

  • Gear break The device "does not grind", large pieces come across, chews paper, makes a strange noise, hums
  • repair in the event of a gearbox breakdown Strange extraneous noises, crackling, knocking, strong hum, during the operation of the device, which was not previously observed
  • The shredder does not start when you insert the paper into it or turns on spontaneously
  • The shredder does not turn on The device does not respond at all to the power button, the power indicator does not light, the engine does not start

With the above symptoms, we can say for sure that repair of the shredder (paper shredder) may be required in the near future. As a rule, the user, faced with problems, such as a decrease in the quality of "slicing", the duration of the processing, extraneous noise, is in no hurry to go to the service but prefers to wait until the device completely fails. What is completely wrong, it is easiest to fix a small breakdown in the early stages than to restore a completely failed device in the future. Shred Monster provides commercial shredding near me made to your specific needs including hard drive destruction, scheduled shredding, and more.

Shredder Repair

Does your paper shredder make strange noises during operation? Recycles paper slower than usual? All of these signs are similar to your shredder in need of service. The main reason for the odd shredder operation and slower cutting speed is the accumulation of paper dust between the rotating cutting blades. The solution to this problem is to periodically lubricate the cutting unit. Lubricating the blades with lubricant will increase the life and performance of your shredder. But how often and when should routine maintenance be performed for most types of paper shredders?

Today, our craftsmen have sufficient qualifications and the entire set of necessary tools, spare parts, and parts to perform the necessary work. We offer a completely different level of paper shredding near me.

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